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JIABAILAI company with a broad breadth of mind, to win public long innovate, create first-class products and services. For passionate entrepreneurs to build a good business platform, achievement companies and distributors common cause. We firmly believe that you join our common cause will be flourishing.
1、Passionate entrepreneur or want to change the brand’s dealers, the market for sanitary ware have a certain understanding, a certain marketing capabilities. There are sanitary distribution experience we will give priority to.
2 、With the normal operation of the required documents, business license and storefront.
3、Stores or specialty walls, concession counters must post the company’s publicity posters, and can only be placed in the company’s products and related ancillary products and accessories.
4、Recognition of the company granted its operating brand, and are willing to execute the company’s market policies and regulations.
The company dealer forms of cooperation, no distributor.
Except where the dealer has no regional cooperation of the Division of distributors, trading companies.
Dealers must report their actual situation honestly, if found inconsistent, the company will enjoy the right to cancel all of its benefits, and recover the costs paid serious withdraw its cooperation qualifications.
The company will take the discount stores of the first exhibits Support.
Store or in line with the company’s proprietary wall display style and standards, will give some renovation subsidies.
The company offers an indoor, lintels and other advertising, and provide pictures, price tags, certificates and other brands.
Three major festivals product preferential policies to support the activities of the dealer.
The company’s full-time staff will be trained dealers, giving a market mentoring program.
Companies have improved the team members, to provide you with the pre-sale, sale and other services.
If you are eligible and interested in joining us, please leave your contact information to help us to contact you, or call our service hotline, and look forward to joining you, let us create a win-win!