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Installation Instructions
1.Be sure to put before installing drain, remove embedded in the cold and hot water pipes impurities and sludge, so after installing the valve clogged by impurities affect water features, or even reduce the service life of the valve; 
2.Faucets must be properly connected to the hot and cold water pipes, installation of conventional, face faucets, hot water inlet pipe connecting the left and right to connect the cold water inlet pipe;
3.Before installing the faucet, please handle with care, can not bump and friction with hard objects, do not cement, glue residue on the product surface;
4. Must be balanced force when installing, use the right tools, raw material and wrapped with not too much, avoid excessive force, forced installation to avoid damage to parts;
5.Standard installation success is: do not leak a drop of water, without a trace. * (Right picture installation view)
Maintenance Tips
1. Product surface chrome plating, use water or neutral detergent to clean the surface thoroughly dry after.
2. Never use ammonia, toilet spiritual or decontamination powder acid and alkali cleaning agent for products that are harmful cleaning supplies.
3. Products for chrome plating surface, do not use strong cleaning tool wear properties to be cleaned violence.
4. During use less water or water if the bifurcation, it may be caused by blockage starting blocks, starting blocks can be removed to clean and re-install the.
5. If the product is the product surface rust phenomenon, with fresh lemon to scrub beautiful state can be restored.
6. Do not overexert water taps, gently turn to homeopathy. Especially not to handle or use as a handrail support open.
7. Bathtub faucet shower metal hose greet maintain the natural stretch state, do not leave it coiled when not on the faucet. While in use or not, pay attention to the joints and hose dead body to be formed, so as not to break or damage the hose.
8. For the time delay valve in the use of the north, to the lower temperature so as not to water in the winter to prevent cracking body.
9. Such as delay time longer appear valve, removed the spool has a shallow body with a blade gently scrape what you can, which is due to impurities in the water cause.