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Precision Taocifaxin
• Imported high quality Taocifaxin,Smooth surface accuracy up to 0.25 micron,Excellent sealing performance, Leak.
• Ceramic hardness >1250HV5, Comparable with the diamond hardness, Be sure to use 500,000 times without drip. In a normal household average about 100 times a day for 15 years can be used.
• With the change in the angle of the handle upward, Select multiple stalls traffi, According to your needs, Arbitrary control.
• Wide operating angle, Can precisely adjust the water temperature stable, Feel comfortable.
Surface treatment
The use of advanced plating process, After acid copper、 Nickel、Chrome Triple plating , In line with international health standards, Inspection by GB-18145-2003 salt spray test, Surface with superior corrosion resistance, Color uniformity, Ensure that the product surface gloss and beautiful、Lasting as new.
Quality copper material, metal handle
• High quality brass faucet body, Low lead content, Capable of inhibiting the growth of bacteria, Highly efficient 95%。
• Streamline shape, Combined with the human hand design, Feel comfortable, Smooth operation; Metal handle, High-grade texture.
• Six filter design, Foam better, Water as a mist Rouhuan comfort, Do not splash. Feel more comfortable.
• Water mixed with air bubbles, Increasing the volume of water, Has the effect of saving water.
Water Hose
• Inner tube with environmentally friendly materials, Safe and nontoxic; 
• Outside the network using 304 stainless steel wire braid, Never rust, Particularly suitable for bathroom wet environment; 
• Joint firm; By 170 kg tensile test, Ensure property safety.